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ace animation

if he managed to get hold of a knife id of thought he would of been able to get a tin opener, and if a shark came out my tune id throw it asap! sharks cant swim on land! unless its flying shark in which case we're all f*cked

holy f!

thats was amazingly well made, im looking forward to the pull release

not bad

something you should work on is making the movements smoother, it will get you a better score, its hard to pull off a good stick figure animation, but ive seen people do much worse, keep it up

Bmtm responds:

thx ^-^....but if i puted more smoother movement the frames would be more and like this movie is 9.2MB(because i putted 2 songs wich the second was just so i could post this twice but with different ID ^^) it would much more space....

anyway all try it as u say it ^^ thx again..

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Been done :(

This game style has been done before and better unfortunatly, and even those games didn't do that well on here. You have a smooth animation style and the art was good but the game idea was just boring to be honest.

great fun!

really good game. you could of easily uploaded this and said it was complete, the only thing reviews might of said was that it was a bit short. there were a few tiny issues with getting stuck between light boxes but nothing to make you worry, each level was short enough that if you did get stuck restarting wasn't the end of the world.

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very slow and a bit buggy

your instructions page doesn't work and the time spent waiting for each question to load is a bit teadious, speed it up a little and fix the instructions and this could be good fun

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nice :)

you got an ace sound going on here. i don't listen to much house but this is good.
only thing i would change is the kick sound. i don't know if it's because it's being played through the NG audio player but i think it lacks a little bit of impact. Possibly find a slightly deeper sound or add a subass sound on the kick hits!
hope this helps :)

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shesmackshard responds:

I layer ALL my kicks with an 808, but thanks anyway :D


nice riffs and i quite like the vocals. reminds me a bit of sabbath for some reason

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speedmetalmessiah responds:

Awesome man, glad you liked them. badman will like to read this one as well. Thanks for the review.

nicely done

Metal lives here!

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Hello! I am a UK based Sound Engineer and Design graduate from SSR in Manchester. Looking to build on my skills in any way i can! Note: My audio submissions are mainly gibberish from 2011 and before.

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